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The Burst Green Online Annual Report

BurstMarketing can take your printed annual report, community report, or any publication online where it can save you money, save the environment and provide a more interactive, engaging experience for your audiences. Please click on the cover to the right for additional detail on what we offer. Clients of our reports include non-profits, foundations, private schools and for-profit companies. Our online annual reports have:

  • Embedded video, audio and slideshows
  • Page-turning effects and Flash animations
  • Interactive links and Online surveys
  • Share or email to a friend
  • Save to the desktop and Print on Demand
  • Metrics and tracking
And feel free to browse some of our samples below.

Belleview Station

Click to launch the full edition in a new window. Belleview Station is a new master-planned sustainable development that is creating a game-changing new center in southeast Denver, where the city meets the suburbs. And they wanted a game-changing approach to their materials. Come meet us at Belleview Station.

Caring for Colorado Foundation

Caring for Colorado Foundation The Caring for Colorado Foundation wanted to save money, meet their sustainable goals and present their Foundation's work in a more engaging, multimedia and interactive way. Burst created and designed the report, and produced a dozen audio podcasts, videos and slideshows for the report. We also produced a print-on-demand version for a digital low-cost yet high-quality short run for those who could not get the report online.

Goodwill Industries of Denver

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Goodwill Industries of Denver wanted to have an online version of their report with embedded media. We used their finished PDFs and converted them for online and embedded some of their story videos. We also produced a slideshow from still photos they gave us, and animated their donation chart to make it more dynamic.

Downtown Denver Partnership

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The Downtown Denver Partnership wanted to save money on printing a membership brochure and combine it with an online report. We created a version of the brochure for online distribution plus print-on-demand for a short-run of high-quality hard copies. We also produced the five videos in the brochure.

Rocky Mountain PBS

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Rocky Mountain PBS had not produced a community report for a few years, and they wanted to make a splash while saving money on printing. Working with their designer, we produced this report and embedded it with more than a dozen previously produced promo videos from their popular PBS television shows. Plus we coordinated the production of new videos with specific messages for this report. We also produced a print-on-demand version for a short-run of high-quality hard copies, for those who couldn't access it online. And, we created a pop-up survey so they could gather the opinions and feedback on their station from the people who viewed the report.

Starz Denver Film Festival

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The Starz Denver Film Festival didn't want to print their 120-page souvenir catalog of festival films this year -- it was just too expensive and wasteful. Instead, we took their finished PDF and moved them online, and added a video teaser at the beginning gatefold. They saved money, protected the environment, and gave their viewers a more usable catalog. Note that we also added an email collection page at the beginning, so they could continue online communications with their readers and viewers.

The Executive Forum

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The Executive Forum wanted a cool, online version of their brochure for their Leadership Series so they could distribute it electronically, include video clips of their speakers, have hyperlinks to a registration site, and sell books online.

2010 IBPA Publishing University

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Every year, The IBPA Publishing University would record the presentations and speakers at their popular conference, and then sell the recordings on CDs. Years ago they sold them on cassettes - remember those? We developed an innovative for-pay solution we called an eCatalog using our Green Report. We recorded the sessions, and then published them within the eCatalog, which we also designed. Each speaker page has a description of the presentation, a "play" button to hear the session, and a link to download a PDF of the presenter's handouts. Plus we developed a for-pay solution so that a user has to purchase the eCatalog after previewing the first couple of pages, which are free. Our for-pay solution also has the capacity for discount codes, so they can offer attendees a discount for purchasing the recorded content, as well as other promotions.

Denver Master Plan for Managing Solid Waste

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The Public Works Department of the City of Denver wanted to make a statement with their Executive Summary for the Solid Waste Master Plan. We wrote and designed this plan, which was printed on reclaimed and recycled paper, and then produced a green online version as well.